The Story of Sunset River Ranch

Welcome to Sunset River Ranch, we are so happy you're here! 

Sunset River Ranch was built on the dreams of two little girls back in the early 2000's and was officially created on July 4th, 2022. My name is Lexi and I own the ranch with my partner Shelby. We're the two dream driven little girls who brought this place to life! 

We are proud to say that our ranch is an all female owned and operated ranch located in small town in Southern, Utah. We have built the foundation of our ranch around rehabilitating colts and brood mares, the "non-cowboy" way. Our 5 year plan consists building a sanctuary where horses and humans can come to heal. 

Meet the Horses!

Guido (25 Years Old)

Guido is the one who started it all, Shelby purchased Guido back in 2015 after she returned home from college as a pleasure horse. He has a history of being used as a 4H horse and was competed as a barrel horse when he was in his prime. He is now retired with his old age, but he's still included in our training sessions and loves teaching the youngsters new tricks!

Kronk (3.5 Years Old)

Kronk is a grade gelding that was rescued by a friend from a kill pen back in 2020. When Kronk came to us he was around 6 months old. His belly was so swollen from eating poor quality hay and grass clippings, his feet were cracked and chipped and you couldn't even touch him. He was eager to please but also equally as terrified. Over the last 3 years he flourished into one of our most prized possessions. Kronk's motto is that "He's gonna buy the ranch one day!" 

Dollor (3.5 Years Old)

Dollor came to us with Kronk back in 2020 and they have been inseparable ever since. A true band of brothers. When you see Dollor now you wouldn't think he ever came from such a dark place. He is the biggest character of our herd and has the best personality and thinks he's a lap dog. 

Reba (6 Years Old)

Reba joined the ranch in October of 2022. She was previously used as a brood mare and has given birth to three beautiful foals, one of which that was born here on the ranch! We have decided that this will be her last foal for at least 3 years. We want to give Reba the chance to just be a horse without a baby at her hip. Once her foal is weaned, she will be sent to UFork Horses, located in the state of Idaho for 60 days of training. We're excited to give Reba the opportunity to just be a horse.

Sargent Ramblin' Rose 

Our sweet Rose was born on April 9th, 2023. She is a Mustang Gypsy Vanner cross. Her mother is Reba of Sunset River Ranch who was bred to the stunning Lexlin Yukon Jack based in Kanosh, Utah. Having Rose has brought a tremendous amount of joy to the ranch. She is making history as she is the first foal to ever be born on Sunset River Ranch. 

River (1 Year Old)

We purchased River in March of 2023. She came to us as an untouched 9-month-old. After a couple months of patience, trust and kindness, River is now an in your pocket type of horse. You can't walk by her stall without her demanding attention. This beautiful girl is our newest cutting prospect and we can't wait to see how far she goes!

Roxanne (7 Years Old)

Roxanne joined the ranch in April of 2023. She came from Jane's Peek located in Leamington, Utah. She is currently 7 years old and placed 1st in her age division of a Versatility Competition she entered in 2022 and took 2nd in cow cutting/penning. Roxanne is currently on maternity leave after producing our her newest foal, Stunning Sitka Sun born on June 21st, 2023. Once she has completely healed, we're excited to see what this girl can do!

Stunning Sitka Sun 

We welcomed Sitka to the herd on June 21, 2023. He is everything we expected and more! This rambunctious boy has been running laps around his mama Roxanne since he was 12 hours old. We look forward to seeing him reach his full potential over the years to come.